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Reduce Left-Over Inventory and 
Be Positioned for an 
Outstanding 2020...and Beyond!"
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How to Sell More Boats at Higher Margins and Finish 2019 Strong
This time of year, you need sales... and you need them FAST!
What if you could get a jump start on the boat sales (regardless of how your season started) with 5 unique strategies that have been proven to work with top notch sales people and boat dealers across North America, Australia and Europe?
*  Re-engage dead leads with a magic email

*  Sell and extra boat or two to past clients

*  Pick up a few nice trades or consignment boats

*  Sell a boat to that lead that has gone AWOL

*  Discover the strategy that has helped other dealers sell several boats in a single weekend

These techniques are so simple they can be implemented and generating results in a matter of a single afternoon...and they are virtually free to implement.
What would that be worth to you?

Let me tell you a quick story about a dealer in the mid-west that used just one of these techniques.  While there was still snow on the ground and freezing temps, they generated 106 responses with potential buyers and one has already bought an $84,000 boat.  

He expects to get several more sales from that strategy alone!

He was blow away with the results from such a simple strategy... A strategy they can pull out every spring and fall to generate similar results.

That single sale delivered a 33X  return on investment... Yeah, now that's a wise investment!  

How's that for a FAST START?

Now, I'm not going to guarantee that you get that type of ROI (hey, it may even be higher)... but its highly likely IF you take action on the simple strategies in the FAST START PROGRAM.  Seems like a pretty easy investment to make.

How could I make it even easier for you to say "yes" and guarantee you get a fast start to selling more boats at higher margins?
Well, I’m going to give you a full 1 year money back guarantee.

Invest in the program, use the simple techniques and strategies (that your competition wishes they had) and have an outstanding start to selling more boats at higher margins.

Then, if you’re not 100% satisfied it was worth at least 10X’s what you invested, I’ll give you your money back. Plus, keep ALL the bonuses. How’s that for fair?

So, right now, click the red button and you and your entire team can be devouring this simple yet highly effective training program within minutes.

Imagine, picking up a few extra boat sales that you would have missed otherwise with these super simple strategies.

Every Season, These Tools Can Be Pulled Out and Used Again to Deliver More Sales!

And, all for less than...

This special discount will be taken down without notice.
Here's Just Some of What You Get...
Revive Dead Leads
The BEST technique to re-engage old leads you and your sales team have given up on.  This simple tool will have old dead leads responding to you so you KNOW they will be buying a boat this season.
Pick Up a Few Nice Trades
The used boat market is hot, would you like a few extra trades to sell this season?  Well, this simple tool can deliver a profitable boat sale and a great trade to boot.
Pick Up More Sales from Your Service Dept
There are extra sales to be made from your service department this time of year.  Do you know how to pick them off?
This tool will have your service, parts and other past clients raising their hands that they want to get a new boat this season.
Boost Margins on Every Sale
Stop over discounting on your new and used boats.  This super simple formula has helped other dealers boost their major unit margins by over $500/unit.  And, it's so easy you'll start seeing results with the next new lead that walks in or emails your dealership!
Plus, so much more that will knock you and your team's shoes off... Giving You a 
HUGE Year!
Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($97 value)
Bonus #1: 
"The True Cost of Discounting"
Do you have a sales person or even manager that doesn't understand the real cost of discounting?  Always working you more to discount the price than selling the prospect on the true value you provide?

Then, this bonus video is for you.
Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($197 value)
Bonus #2: 
"How to Close More Boat Sales This Summer"
In addition to getting a Fast Start to the selling season, continue that success through-out the summer with this special training program, "How to Close More Boat Sales This Summer."
This bonus alone could radically improve your your over all success in 2019 (Its perfect for new sales staff and experienced staff that needs a little jolt to get back on track)!
Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($497 value)
Bonus #3:
One-on-One Fast Start Strategy Call with Matt Sellhorst
Get on the phone with Matt for an hour video coaching call.  During the call, ask any questions or discuss how to maximize the result of your boat show or dive even deeper into any topic covered in the training program.  This call could be worth thousands of dollars to your dealerships bottom line.
Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($497 value)
NEW Bonus:
Digital Billboards that Follow Your Most Likely to Buy Prospects
We've added this special bonus because of the incredible opportunity that exists for boat dealers that are looking for the best possible way to improve their digital marketing strategy.
"What Other Boat Dealers Have to Say..."
"Referred to our 20-Group"
“We have been so impressed with Matt and his methods that we brought his program to our 20 Group as our best idea and told them that they should join. "
Ken Toby, General Manager
Marine Sales (Top 100 Dealer)
"Frickin' Awesome!"
“The program is awesome and we are only 3 weeks into it. It’s already helped us sell more boats. Our sales guys’ response and follow-up rates have all increased and I just love it.” 

Todd Plotnikoff, Managing Partner
Alberta Marine (Top 100 Dealer)
"Referred from Another Dealer"
“We have “We were referred from another dealer in our 20 Group, and he told us you were going to give us some really unique strategies, which you did. But, what really helped us get such a great start was the accountability – that you had us call in every week to make sure we were actually doing it.”
Melanie Clement
Lakeshore Sports (Top 100 Dealer)
"More than Just Information"
“We are not just getting valuable information and ideas but actual tools we can take home and start using in our dealership right away. That’s very unique.”

Will Massey, Owner
Custom Marine
"More Money AND More Time"
“We were of course drawn in with the claim of ‘sell more boats, make more money.’ What we didn’t realize was the stress of wearing 27 hats that comes with owning a dealership didn’t have to consume us. We not only saw more profit in our bank accounts, but we began to see we had more time and did indeed have more fun. We’ve literally been blown away with Matt and his SPLASH system ."

Matt and Lynette Santomenna
Race City Marine
About Matt Sellhorst & 
Boat Dealer Profits
Founder of Boat Dealer Profits and Boat Dealer Profits Marketing Agency where he and his team help family owned boat dealers sell more boats, make more money and have more fun, every day.

Sellhorst is also the author of 'Boat Dealer Profits; How the SPLASH System can help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun" & "Marine Marketing Strategies; Which ones will actually work and which ones will drain your bank account, jeopardize your margins and squash your dealerships quest for higher profits" the only two business building books specifically for boat dealers.

Matt Sellhorst is the Sales and Marketing Columnist for Boating Industry Magazine and has been featured in Soundings Trade Only as well as awarded in the "Movers and Shakers" section Boating Industry.

As a speaker at Marine Dealer Conference and Expo, Marine Retail University, Dealer Meetings and other industry events, Sellhorst has shared the stage with other industry experts and held the stage as the Keynote.

A former top producing salesman at a 6-location dealership, Matt has built a rock star team that is now helping motivated dealership owners sell more boats, make more money and have more fun by implementing proven sales and marketing strategies and tactics in their dealership.

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